Neocolor II units – Caran d’Ache




Water-soluble wax pastels by the unit, 42 colors available.

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001-White, 003-Light Grey, 005-grey, 009-Black, 010-Yellow, 020- golden yellow, 030-orange, 031- Orangish yellow, 035-ochre, 049-Raw Umber, 050-Flame red, 051-Salmon, 059-Brown, 060-Vermillon, 065- Russet, 070-Scarlet, 080 Carmin, 081-Rose, 090-Purple, 100-Purple Violet, 110-lilac, 111-Mauve, 120 Violet, 131-Periwinkle, 140-Blue Ultramarine, 141-Blue Lavender, 159- Prussian Blue, 160-Blue Cobalt, 161-Light Blue, 171-Blue turquoise, 180-Malachite green, 210-Emerald Green, 211-Jade, 220-Grass green, 229-Dark Green, 230-Yellow Green, 231- Lime green, 240- Lemon yellow, 245-Light Olive, 249-Olive, 498-Silver, 499-Gold


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