Pébéo Studio Acrylic paint




Pébéo acrylic Studio paint tubes are perfect for art students. Paint has a creamy texture and opacity varies from color to color.

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65.Ivory, 51.Light yellow, 22.Lemon cadmium yellow (imit.), 48. Opaque primary yellow, 13. Light Azo yellow, 23.Medium cadmium yellow hue, 52. Dark cadmium yellow hue, 32. Cadmium orange (imit.), 19. Transparent Vermilion, 33.Cadmium red (imit.), 53.Dark Cadmium red(imit.), 20. Quinacridone scarlet, 50.Primary magenta, 18.Naphtol carmine, 54.Alzarine crimson, 55.Azo pink, 45.Opaque vivid pink, 21. Oriental violet, 47. Dark Cobalt violet hue, 56.Prussian blue hue, 15. Dark Ultramarine blue, 25.Opaque light ultramarine blue, 14.Opaque cobalt blue hue, 17.Phtalocyanine blue, 49.Opaque Primary cyan, 28.Cerulean blue, 30.Turquoise blue, 43.Cadmium green hue, 42.Phtalocyanine green, 59.Opaque sap green, 44.Hooker's green, 61. Green earth, 60.Chrome green hue, 24.Naples yellow hue, 27. Yellow ochre, 35.Venice yellow, 36.Raw sienna, 34.Red ochre, 39.Venice red, 38.Burnt sienna, 63. Terra rossa, 64. Raw umber, 29. Burnt umber, 40.Payne's grey, 46. Neutral grey, 26.Mars Black, 11. Titanium white, 41.Vivid white, 352.Gold, 350.Rich gold, 351.Silver, 355.Copper, 353. iridescent Orange-yellow, 354. iridescent red-blue, 356. iridescent violet-blue, 357. iridescent Blue-green, 358. iridescent green-blue, 359. iridescent green-yellow, 360. iridescent blue-black, 372. Fluorescent yellow, 370.Fluorescent orange, 371.Fluorescent pink


100ml, 250ml


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